poll: will you still shop at H&M?


I rolled my eyes when I saw the tweet of the H&M ad. I was annoyed, but I wasn’t surprised. Placing a beautiful Black boy in a sweatshirt labeled “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” is disrespectful and offensive–but you knew that. Why didn’t they? Did they know better and just didn’t care? How could the people on set miss that? Where were his parents? As usual, H&M representatives issued an apology (protocol) and “fixed” it (took them two attempts).


I am not going into the history of dehumanization of Blacks which includes calling us monkeys. I am curious, however, about you, the consumer and your buying power. Will this affect whether or not you shop at H&M?  I wanna know, take the poll below:

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Can’t Knock the Hustle


The main reason this site exists stems from BET’s “Food for Thought” interview with Jay-Z in 2009. In the interview, Jay-Z talked about to creating your own lane. The way things were going, I had to switch up and start clearing a path for this lane, but with what and how? During the interview he also said something to Harry Allen that had me thinking. I called my big bro, Seil and told him I had an idea, he said if you can do it, go for it…I looked to see what was out there. Nothing. From 2010-2011, I started reading and researching my idea. I showed my work to an expert and he said it was a bad idea. In all fairness, he’s not about that life, so I did what anyone who was following their heart did, I thanked him for his feedback and continued.  Little did he…

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qotw: what suffers?


“Some things suffer”

By no means do I have things figured out. I’m learning new things every day. Experience and the others’ wisdom have been my guiding lights. One of those people is my home girl from college. Mother, entrepreneur and homeowner are a few ways to describe her. I watched an ambitious young woman grow her small business into an honored and recognized entity in her industry. A few years ago, I asked her, “How [does she] do it?” She looked at me and said, “Some things suffer.” The time and dedication to her goals doesn’t allow her to do everything. There are only 24 hours in a day, but she makes the most of it. The most is not everything and all of it, but she continues nevertheless. Not everything can have your attention. If you try to give everything your attention you will be spreading yourself thin…

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Why am I here?

so. damn. true…. thank you for getting a little personal with this piece… “my life lessons have made me stronger even in my weakest moments” – it took a while to realize this on my own also


At 3:32pm EST on October 10, 2017, I asked myself a question and answered it…

Why am I here? Why is the reality I thought I was going to live not yet materialized? I stare at the computer screen and sip my Earl Grey and peppermint tea to subside my second round of cluster headaches that kept me up for most of the night and made me sluggish to even think or write. I’m behind…again…and time doesn’t give a shitnever has and never will. Nope, not part of its’ job description. I sit with highlighted life lessons from Audre Lorde and June Jordanthe ancestors. I think of Granny Nanny and her relentless fight for those before me. I think of my grandmother, who died because of her political alliance for change. Words like “sweet” and “articulate” and occasional stories are the only memories I have of…

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